Headed List Box auto scrolling!

Mike Rowan mgrowan at fastmail.com
Wed Jan 31 21:04:51 UTC 2024

In 10.22 v31896 and an app I have been working on for a long time I suddenly find a change in Headed List Box behaviour.
I have a HLB with no $events.

I load the list with more rows than the box height can display and then click any part of the list including any line, it imediatley scrolls to show the last row of data as the last visible row. It does this even if line 1 is the current line.

If Line 1 is also the selected line the list still scrolls to the last row of data but then scrolls back to the first line at the top of the list.

Tested this on several HLBs. They all do it (with or without events) ONLY if they are not multiline select.

I wonder if anyone else has seen this or knows what might be happening?

Mike Rowan
Mobile: 0417 812 509
Email: mgrowan at fastmail.com

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