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Hello Andrew,

Kelly is right, as is usually the case, there are two final params you need to set, one of which is usually kFalse, but defaults to kTrue!  You have only set one of them.


SMTPSend (server,from,to,subj,body,cc,bcc,name,stsproc,pri,xtrahdrs,user,pass,secure {Default zero insecure;1 secure;2 use STARTTLS},verify {Default kTrue}]) Returns status

Keep trying different values of Secure, 0, 1 or 2, until you get success.

Make Verify = kFalse unless you understand Certificates.

Id you make use of the value in ‘stsproc’, it will provide the response from the SMTP server.  The response is a string char of the conversation, which I think goes into #S1. Make a new method with this name, and in there, the value of #S1 is set.


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Hi Andrew,

You don't say what version of Omnis is involved.  I'm not sure when things changed, but the current SMTPSend wants a 0,1,2 in the secure parameter following the password, with 2 meaning use TLS. and there's a verify parameter after that.,1,t2ECxR_ek6mi4qZ_-gllfqvsXMEuNcdj_eVRZc_vbCYRPsL0Bmt72A9MLpFB3-fmDWCkAfi6DRs0pxIqW-I8E0WatjfOWTPdsfUFOHxzUg,,&typo=1

Try ending your command with ..,SPSMTPPASSWORD,2,kFalse)

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