VCS best practice for development vs production

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Mon Jan 29 05:47:47 UTC 2024

Hi Mayada,

Thanks for your feedback!  When you say you're using the OS11 VCS API, did you need to write some code somewhere that managed the transfer from one VCS to the other, or is that a manual process?

Note to self: find out about this Studio 11 VCS API...


> On 26 Jan 2024, at 10:14 pm, malkishtini at wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> We are using a similar approach to Alax, we have 3 VCSs, dev, QA and
> Production/Staging. 
> New dev work will go to dev VCS, 2 weeks later move to QA and 2 weeks later
> we replace the staging libraries with the QA build. When a bug is reported
> in production, the change should be manually entered into the 3 VCS. That
> was done in the Omnis 7 app.
> Now we converted to Studio, and we are in the process of building a similar
> process for deploying the Studio product, so Studio is not yet in
> production, but we must test it at some beta sites and the QA site, so we
> made use of the OS11 VCS API.
> We built a nightly process that will move any unlocked classes from dev to
> QA and production and then leave the new work in dev only (the devs need to
> leave the classes checked out until they are done), of course this approach
> has a limitation, but this is a temporary solution until we can produce a
> better way to control VCSs.
> Then once the new feature is done to a leave that can be checked into dev
> VCS, we add a flag/app pref to control when the new logic can be executed
> and then we turn on that flag when the job is ready to be released
> everywhere.
> Unfortunately, we are not close to using Git yet, because our Studio
> libraries have issues that won't export to JSON and we don't have the time
> to clean that up now. 
> But Git will be a better option than VCS to handle branches if you are able
> to use Git.
> I'm also interested to learn more about how others are handling branching in
> their Omnis applications.
> Hope that helps,
> Mayada

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