VCS best practice for development vs production

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Mon Jan 29 05:44:58 UTC 2024

Hi Das,

Thanks for your feedback!  Having two different versions of Omnis would help in this case - you can't accidentally open the VCS in the wrong version of Omnis I would imagine.

When you say "regularly update the v11 libraries from the 4", do you mean that you build them in Studio v4, then open them in Studio v11 and check those into the VCS?  I'm curious about the mechanics of how that would work.


> On 26 Jan 2024, at 9:52 pm, Das Goravani <goravanis at> wrote:
> I’m working for another Omnis developer who faces the same challenge. Production is in Studio v4 whereas Development is in v11.
> We run two VCS’s and we simply take care to enter the code into v4 because we regularly update the v11 libraries from the 4.
> Totally new work that doesn’t go into 4 is done in one library in 11 
> That’s our situation. 11 is regularly updated from 4 but not the new library in 11 which is only done in 11.
> Confusing a bit but it works. 
> We don’t find this hard to do. You can work in multiple Omnis’s at once and run 2 VCS’s. 
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