OT: looking for inspiration/ida to incorporate AI in biz app - Omnis/or not

Dr Caroline Wilkins caroline at ib2bsystems.com
Wed Jan 24 11:51:50 UTC 2024

I have been training a GPT to be an Omnis development assistant. I am 
not very happy with it yet, but it is probably findable on the ChatGPT 
store. I called it "OmnisBot" and trained it on websites and various 
versions of the docs. I will keep working on it until I can get it 
behaving usefully!

I have been making extensive use of various AI products over the last 
year - mainly image, music and video generation for my YouTube channels. 
But the potential of AI is overwhelming. You can get it to do pretty 
much anything you can think of. The tricky bit is working out what would 
be useful for our customers.

I am very interested in this area and study it daily. So if anyone wants 
to discuss AI and related ideas, please do get in touch.

Kindest Regards


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