OT: looking for inspiration/ida to incorporate AI in biz app - Omnis/or not

Paul Mulroney pmulroney at logicaldevelopments.com.au
Wed Jan 24 03:19:30 UTC 2024

How about feeding some historical financial data into it, to determine seasonal trends?

I know there's some type of predictive formula that allows you to see if a trend is being followed or not, but imagine if you could plug in your financial figures daily and have the system say "hey, Fred's projected spending is down from the expected trend - maybe give them a followup call?"  

Or, record users's actions in the system to predict what they might be wanting to do next.  For example, when I get in my car, based on the time of day and week, Siri tells me how long to get to my son's place, or to the shopping center, or to church.  If we have the information available, we should be able to do the same.

You could have Omnis use IMAP to read your email, and use Chat GPT to analyse the incoming messages and answer the ones that can be answered, and flag the ones that need to be dealt with urgently?

Lots of options, the hardest part is thinking of something practical...


> On 24 Jan 2024, at 2:14 am, Grzegorz (Greg) Pasternak <gpasternak at cogeco.ca> wrote:
> This is really open ended question, not specific, just looking for idea/inspiration/discussion of what (if any) use case is to incorporate AI (ex: ChatGPT) in web/desktop app, be it for developers or in-hous biz users, Omnis or not.
> Did anyone of you think about this?  
> Putting aside tech aspect, could it be useful and practical?
> I know, I can ask ChatGPT about that but all I am getting is some general and really technical in nature info.  I need is the more "down to earth" "human" response about the use case idea, or at least your thoughts.  Maybe it is an absurd idea to even think about it.  Any comments are welcome. 
> Grzegorz (Greg) Pasternak
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