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I don't see anything on my machine running 6102 - looking up common port usage shows this port is often used by Veritas backup software.  In any case, something has pulled that port before Omnis can get it, so we need to find out what is latched on to our port.

You can find the process ID (PID) using the terminal and looking for your port using the command string below.  Replace 9772 with 6102 to get what is using that port on your machine:

netstat -vanp tcp | grep 9772                                                           Process vvv
tcp4       0      0        ESTABLISHED 265125 146988    414      0 0x0182 0x00000004
tcp4       0      0         ESTABLISHED 516895 146988    103      0 0x0182 0x00000008
tcp4       0      0         *.*                    LISTEN      131072 131072    414      0 0x0180 0x00000006

Then you can use the below command to locate the application, in this case, we're looking for process 414 (and 103), added at the end of the command line, so replace 414 with whatever ProcessID is given in the results above, below:

ps -Ao user,pid,command | grep -v grep | grep 414
root               414 /Library/Application Support/Acronis/AtpAgent/adp-agent -e

Now you know what app (Acronis) and user (root) is using that port.  Then you can kill that app by simply entering: kill -9 414 or perhaps you'll be able to reconfigure the app to use a different port (which will require restarting the app once configured).

Hope this gets you to finding the offending app!

Kind regards,

Joe Maus
The Convergent Consulting Group, LLC
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> On Jan 22, 2024, at 11:18 AM, TBS <andyh at> wrote:
> Has anyone seen the Trace log error (this in $10.22 32066) :
> Error from remote debug server : node.js exited with status 251
> node.js Port 6102 is being used by another process
> I can't work out why it has suddenly started happening on seemingly a whole load of macs of varying OS's and hardware, and restarting the computer seemingly makes no difference either - I figured if it was a port issue a restart would clear it - but no !
> Sadly it seems to then kill any connection to postgresql as well......
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