Object or Object Ref

John Boehme john at integralservices.biz
Sat Jan 20 07:33:54 UTC 2024

Hi Udo,

A method that is available to an object is $validref. If Kellys suggestion
below doesn't work, this I think would:

If $cinst.$validref()
      # getting objref from $newref()
       # getting itemref from $new()
End if

John Boehme

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Hi Udo,

>Is there a way to detect INSIDE the RUNNING $construct of the class whether
it is instanciated as normal kobject or as kobjectref ?

See if this will work for you.

If isnull($cinst.$objref())
	# getting itemref from $new()
	# getting objref from $newref()
End If

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