Getting expiry date of SSL certificate

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Hi Kelly,

That's great to know.
Thank you very much for sharing your solution.

Best regards,

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On the Mac, I can do the following to get the expiration date of a named
certificate in my keychain -

	Calculate certname as "Developer ID Application: Kelly Burgess
	Calculate script as con('security find-certificate -p -c
',kSq,certname,kSq,' | openssl x509 -enddate -noout')
	Calculate script as con('Do shell script ',kDq,script,kDq)
	Do $root.$runapplescript(script,result,error)

That pipes the security find-certificate output to the openssl x509 tool,
and in result I get something I could parse and convert to a date -

	'notAfter=Aug 16 11:11:48 2026 GMT'

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