GMAIL [Action Required] Switch to apps that use secure OAuth access

IT it at
Fri Jan 19 11:23:59 UTC 2024

Received this From Gmail

Starting September 30, 2024, Google Workspace accounts will only allow access to apps using OAuth. Password-based access (with the exception of App Passwords) will no longer be supported. POP and IMAP are NOT going away and can still be enabled with apps that connect using OAuth.

App Passwords can be used with devices accounts like scanners sending emails but regular users, using with this method, has shortcomings. The email sent using this method doesn't apear in the send box of the user. Now, if a user sends a bill to a customer directly from Omnis, the mail appears in his SendBox like he has sent the email. Using App Passwords, the mail is send from Omnis but no trace of the mail in the SendBox.

There are other shortcoming with App Passwords.

Any one is able to send emails for *user* accounts from Omnis using the GMAIL recommended method oAuth2, and not using this kind of trick (App Password) thought for devices with obsolete and not updatable firmware? GMAIL doesn’t recommend this method for anything but is the last resort for obsolete hardware impossible to update. My multifunction device bough 1 year ago supports email account using oAuth2.

Any experience with Gmail, Omnis Studio and oAuth2 will be welcome.



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