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If I understand correctly
- its a headed list
- you want to make the selected lines really apparent in some way when you leave the field and focus on others, you still know what is selected

and the standard behaviour of all fields in Mac OS or windows it to give the field less prominence when it is not the selected field.

so, we have to engage in tricks.

One trick that we use a lot is to put a first column in the headed list that can’t be removed by the user. (we have ability to hide show fields by right clicking on the column header.

this first field, we stick icons into them and or colours for the text.     As an example, we show people who owe money to be in ‘red’

so, you might be able to do something crazy in a calculation in columns 1 that highlights the line by changing the text colour.

eg something like this that references the selected line and adds a colour style change to the line.  This would be the CONTENT of the field.


I don’t know if it would take a redraw to make the change apparent…  but thats the concept.

I also don’t know if you have to change $ref.$selected to listName.$selected because I have not attempted to change colour based on selection.

but I have changed the colour of lines for years using this mechanism.  we've also added icons and styles (bold/italic) to the line.

to make that happen, the CONTENTS first column of the list needs to have all the proper calculations to insert styles.   eg, this will give you stuff

con(style(kescstyle,kbold),style(kesccolor,kred),style(kescbmp+x16x16,iconnumber).).   or something like that.

every field after the first one takes on the styles.

you can also stick styles in calculation of particular columns and that affects the style of that column and every column after that.   so if you want a column bold and red, but no column after that, you have to reverse the styles



If the notion is to make it truly obvious what is picked because the ‘greying’ of the field is not what you want…. then try style.

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> On Jan 16, 2024, at 4:27 PM, Mike Rowan <mgrowan at> wrote:
> Is there a way to have a list showing the selected line(s) very clearly highlighted after the focus has moved to another object?
> I'm using Headed List Boxes, but find the extra greyness of the selected line(s) is not clearly different to the alternate line shading.
> Any ideas appreciated.
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