Upgrading Omnis/User pic 10.22 Runtime

Das Goravani goravanis at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 19:42:47 UTC 2024

Well it’s opening the ones installed when you install a 10.22 runtime. 
These 2 messages come up when you run the runtime. It is certainly trying to open those 2 files that are installed in the Startup folder when you install a 10.22 runtime. I believe Omnis forgot to update them before making the 10.22 application.
I do not replace them with older copies. I am allowing it to provide the 2 files. 

So it’s an Omnis oversight I think.

But the question remains, HOW do you update them?

Do you open them in the ICON EDITOR using a Dev copy?

When I first got this message during testing I thought to replace them in the runtime with copies from my dev copy of 10.22 which does not give me this message upon opening but that alone did not do it. 

Something is wrong with the 10.22 Windows Runtime. 

Me thinks. 

It runs if you click OK On the 2 messages. 

Thank God for that. 

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