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Scotte Meredith spomacguy at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 16:18:12 UTC 2024

Take a look at my project on GitHub: https://github.com/SpoMacGuy/oCSS <https://github.com/SpoMacGuy/oCSS>

While intended to change the colors and other properties on windows and enforce consistency in the UI, you can use it to change any properties on any fields. For example, I use it to set all multi-line entry fields to do spell checking.

You define the properties you want each type of field to have, but can make overrides when needed. There is now also an option to "compile" the windows, which writes the changes back to disk after skinning it on-the-fly.

This was originally built to let users select from between themes we had defined and change out colors, look and feel on the fly.

To implement, you instantiate the oCSS object in your superclass window and let it do its magic.

I did a session on this at Euromnis.

Scotte Meredith
spomacguy at gmail.com

> On Jan 10, 2024, at 8:03 PM, Kevin James <interqual2 at optusnet.com.au> wrote:
> Hi all
> After converting our O7 libs to Studio we find that pretty much all windows have been assigned the background theme of kBGThemeWindow. 
> My question is …
> How does one change the properties for kBGThemeWindow? 
> I would have hoped that we can just change this theme in one central place and - voila - all of our windows take in the same appearance. 
> I have looked and looked and scanned the help but cannot see how this is done. 
> Cheers
> Kevin James
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