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Hi Mike

Which OS are on?
Tried this on Sonoma and Notarytool ca not find any file
I have in Users.

Best regards

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På 9 januari 2024 kl. 14:44:30, Mike Matthews - Omnis via omnisdev-en (omnisdev-en at skrev:

I think you need to supply the actual password here maybe?  

I use the value stored in my keychain profile called ’sqlworks’, which is the same name I registered our app with Apple in our Developer login:  

xcrun notarytool submit /Users/mike/LinealSQLWorksClient.dmg --keychain-profile "sqlworks" –wait  

Mike Matthews  
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> On 9 Jan 2024, at 12:42, Bo Carleö <bo at> wrote:  
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> Hi  
> Just started to dig into Deployment tool after some failures  
> to notarize with SD Notary 2.  
> One thing that bothers me is that the tool expects me to create  
> an app specific password with the nam AC_PASSWORD.  
> Apple does not accept underscore in the password name.  
> AC PASSWORD works. Is the exakt name important?  
> Best regards  
> Bo Carleo  
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> På 8 januari 2024 kl. 12:40:06, Paul Mulroney (pmulroney at skrev:  
> Hi Mike,  
> We did this just recently. Give me a call tomorrow.  
> Regards  
> Paul  
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>> On 8 Jan 2024, at 7:35 pm, Mike Rowan <mgrowan at> wrote:  
>> I wonder of there is someone already familiar with the process I am confronting who would be willing to answer a small number of specific questions over the next days.  
>> I am running Studio 10.22 v31896 on Ventura. I am a total noob when it comes to Codesigning and Notarising, and I plan to use the Deployment Tool for the job.  
>> With hints from Andy Hilton, Kelly Burgess and Mike Mathews and the docs I have what I believe is a good Certificate in the right place, and I've set up the Deployment Tool how I think it should be, but Codesigning returns "Error".  
>> My set-up is quite simple (a logo icon, one added Xcomp, one added Startup lbs), but frankly I find the docs a bit lacking on certain details. I am sure someone who is currently doing the exact same process could put me straight in no time.  
>> Any taker(s)?  
>> Mike Rowan  
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