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Just started to dig into Deployment tool after some failures 
to notarize with SD Notary 2. 
One thing that bothers me is that the tool expects me to create 
an app specific password with the nam AC_PASSWORD.
Apple does not accept underscore in the password name.
AC PASSWORD works. Is the exakt name important?

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På 8 januari 2024 kl. 12:40:06, Paul Mulroney (pmulroney at skrev:

Hi Mike,

We did this just recently. Give me a call tomorrow.


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> On 8 Jan 2024, at 7:35 pm, Mike Rowan <mgrowan at> wrote:
> I wonder of there is someone already familiar with the process I am confronting who would be willing to answer a small number of specific questions over the next days.
> I am running Studio 10.22 v31896 on Ventura. I am a total noob when it comes to Codesigning and Notarising, and I plan to use the Deployment Tool for the job.
> With hints from Andy Hilton, Kelly Burgess and Mike Mathews and the docs I have what I believe is a good Certificate in the right place, and I've set up the Deployment Tool how I think it should be, but Codesigning returns "Error".
> My set-up is quite simple (a logo icon, one added Xcomp, one added Startup lbs), but frankly I find the docs a bit lacking on certain details. I am sure someone who is currently doing the exact same process could put me straight in no time.
> Any taker(s)?
> Mike Rowan
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