Mike Rowan mgrowan at
Mon Jan 8 11:34:24 UTC 2024

I wonder of there is someone already familiar with the process I am confronting who would be willing to answer a small number of specific questions over the next days.

I am running Studio 10.22 v31896 on Ventura.  I am a total noob when it comes to Codesigning and Notarising, and I plan to use the Deployment Tool for the job. 

With hints from Andy Hilton, Kelly Burgess and Mike Mathews and the docs I have what I believe is a good Certificate in the right place, and I've set up the Deployment Tool how I think it should be, but Codesigning returns "Error".

My set-up is quite simple (a logo icon, one added Xcomp, one added Startup lbs), but frankly I find the docs a bit lacking on certain details.  I am sure someone who is currently doing the exact same process could put me straight in no time.

Any taker(s)?

Mike Rowan
Mobile: 0417 812 509
Email: mgrowan at

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