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Which xComp folder are you copying from?

There is one in the Omnis root folder, an another in the FirstRunInstall folder.

If Omnis is currently running, you can’t copy from the Root folder location of that running version.  You should instead add your extra xComps into the FirstRunInstall folder for each user.  Then The master version of FirstRunInstall can be manipulated by the running copy of Omnis.

So we need more info.

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In making a new copy of Omnis Studio to make new installers, I have to copy my 2 XCOMPS from a previous version of Omnis to the new one.

Previously this was easy (on Mac). You just right click on the Omnis icon and reveal the XCOMPS folder and drag from the old one to the new one.

Now I have upgraded to Sonoma.

Now when I try it says "Operation could not be completed because the item cannot be found. Error -43"

What can I do?

The files are all in a folder on my desktop. I have iCloud running and it backs up the desktop, if that matters. I never did before.


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