Euromnis 2024 - call for new topics

Rob Mostyn mostyn at
Sat Feb 24 08:28:42 UTC 2024

Dear Omnis Community,

Work has started on preparing our developers conference, to be formally announced soon.

I am concentrating on sourcing our speakers for this year and have a number of topics we would like to see covered for the first time.  Specifically:

A.	Using external code repositories (e.g. GIT or SVN) with Omnis

B.	Using the new DML to SQL feature in Omnis to move from the data file to proper SQL servers

C.	Utilising new features from Omnis 11

D.	Implementing a middle tier architecture for enhanced performance

E.	Web based authentication: OAuth2 and other methods

Our search for new topics is not limited to the above.  Have you been working on anything novel, whether its Omnis specific (a feature, framework or architecture) or using Omnis with a new technology?  Do you have any knowledge / experience that would be of interest to the broader Omnis community?

Let me know!

Rob Mostyn

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