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Hello Juan,

And course, each of the runtimes have a different serial number to each other?

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They are all Macs. Two are Monterrey and the rest Big Sur. I have one runtime on each of them except for the Dev version where I do my stuff.



On Feb 19, 2024, at 4:58 PM, Werner Dirix <werner at<mailto:werner at>> wrote:


Have you checked the messages.txt file for ODB errors?  You can set the ODB log-level to 3 in the config.xml file.

Are the runtime serial numbers unique?

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Hi all

I got myself in trouble

Just upgraded all my DML datas and libs to 10.22 using OmnisDataBridge 1.78. Have lots of data files…

Did all tests with a Development and just 1 Runtime. All was ok.

Installed all 5 Runtimes on each Mac and now can NOT open the data files on all the Macs.

Should have gone to SQL or Postgress but decided to do DML first with the newer 10.2 and I am regretting it. Studio 4 was very stable…

Thanks for any help

Juan Bofill

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