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Hi Jeff,

We setup a customer portal for our transport software using the jsClient.  Version 1 looked a bit clunky because we were focussed on the functionality not the UX.  The biggest limiting factor for us comes down to the user licenses - blindingly fast to develop, but if you hit the max users on the site, then you get the "not available try again later" type message.

We created a version 2, using React.js, and a RESTful API to Omnis. It looks amazingly slick, and much better than our competitors offerings.  However 100 times longer - literally!  to develop, and although it looks very smooth, the path to get there was not.  

I think the deciding factor is the volume of people that you want to have using the system.  We setup an "online community database" for a group with local chapters around Australia.  At most there are 50 groups, no more than 10 people online at any time.  All jsClient, which allows them to manage their group membership, newsletters, etc.  It runs on modest hardware, and I think works very well for them.

Happy to chat off-list for further insights!


> On 10 Feb 2024, at 6:09 am, jgibson at wrote:
> We're spit-balling the idea of redesigning a hotel reservation website that we are currently maintaining for a customer.
> We are discussing the different stacks that could be used that is part of the purist realm.  Apache, Cold Fusion, ASP.NET, etc.
> We started tossing around the idea of looking at using Omnis Studio 11 to do this, because there is a LOT of database activity that needs to happen depending on the page that we are on within the site.
> Is there any kind of information that anyone has put together that would give us kind of a pros and cons for or against using Omnis Studio 11 Web for the design of a hotel reservation system.
> Any thoughts on what some of you have run into would be greatly appreciated!
> Jeff Gibson
> Nashville, TN
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