Using Omnis Studio to build a Website

jgibson at jgibson at
Fri Feb 9 22:09:08 UTC 2024

We're spit-balling the idea of redesigning a hotel reservation website that we are currently maintaining for a customer.

We are discussing the different stacks that could be used that is part of the purist realm.  Apache, Cold Fusion, ASP.NET, etc.

We started tossing around the idea of looking at using Omnis Studio 11 to do this, because there is a LOT of database activity that needs to happen depending on the page that we are on within the site.

Is there any kind of information that anyone has put together that would give us kind of a pros and cons for or against using Omnis Studio 11 Web for the design of a hotel reservation system.

Any thoughts on what some of you have run into would be greatly appreciated!

Jeff Gibson
Nashville, TN

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