Studio 10/11: Referring to list.$remove(0), list.0.$selected

Doug Easterbrook doug at
Wed Feb 7 15:56:26 UTC 2024


line number ‘0’ has referred to the current line forever ..    Pretty sure it was that way in omnis 7 as well.

as in

do list.$first(ktrue) returns #F
while flag true

   do list.$next(0,ktrue) returns #F
end while

and the documentation says specifically that line zero is the current line

$next(rRow|iRowNumber [,bSelectedOnly=kFalse, bBackwards=kFalse, condition]) sets $line to the next line after the line identified by the first argument. If iRowNumber is zero, processing starts at $line. See $first for definitions of the other parameters

my understanding is that any reference to a list line, where line is 0 is the current line

as in these are all equivalent

calculate list.0.whatever
calculate list.[$list.$line].whatever
calculate list.whatever

do list.$remove()
do list.$remove(0)
do list.$remove([list.$line])
do list.$remove(list.$line)

I’ve always treated 0 and currentliine  the same.  so if that what we all use ….  then breaking the code would be a bad thing to do.   

if it stops working on the desktop, I’d push back.   Just me.

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> On Feb 7, 2024, at 4:03 AM, Graeme Whiting <Graeme.whiting at CATALINA-SOFTWARE.CO.UK> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I’ve been told that using list.$remove(0) or ivlist.0.$selected is not documented functionality in Omnis Studio and therefore shouldn’t be used(!)
> This came about when I found that this syntax doesn’t work in client methods, and Omnis said they won’t fix it as it should never have worked in that way on desktop 😊
> Just a heads-up really if anyone else has been using it.
> Graeme.
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