Studio 10/11: Referring to list.$remove(0), list.0.$selected

Mike Matthews - Omnis omnis at
Wed Feb 7 15:23:17 UTC 2024

Ah, oh, hmmmmm..

We use ‘iList.0.$selected’ about 2,243 times in our libs.  This is used to detect if the current line is selected.
From StudioTips
'# Is the current line selected?
      Calculate bSelected as List.0.$selected'

We use ‘iList.$remove()’ about 608 time as well.
From Omnis Help Manual
'$remove(rLine|iLineNumber|kListDeleteSelected|kListKeepSelected) deletes the specified lines from the list'

We have used these command since many moons have passed, so why now I wonder, and what should we use instead, as Rudolf asks?

And who said this to you Graeme, in what context as well?

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On 7 Feb 2024, at 12:03, Graeme Whiting <graeme.whiting at<mailto:graeme.whiting at>> wrote:

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Hi all,

I’ve been told that using list.$remove(0) or ivlist.0.$selected is not documented functionality in Omnis Studio and therefore shouldn’t be used(!)

This came about when I found that this syntax doesn’t work in client methods, and Omnis said they won’t fix it as it should never have worked in that way on desktop 😊

Just a heads-up really if anyone else has been using it.


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