Dirk Verstraten

Geert Geert at royalbotania.com
Tue Nov 28 07:05:38 UTC 2023

That's really sad to here.    
Dirk sold me the Omnis Studio version 1 back in those days, as distri of the Benelux.
After that we kept contact via the company Node.  Never made it his home town.
Wasn't he also present in one of the past EurOmnis celebration conferences in Heelsum?


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I'm sorry to bring the news to his friends that Dirk Verstraten passed away Saturday "peacefully in his sleep this morning after a short illness of 10 days."  It was quite unexpected.

Dirk was an active member of the Omnis community in years past, and a good friend to all of us.  I think he was the Omnis distributor for the Benelux countries at one time.

His photo is here as a reminder - http://www.omnis-dev.com/developers/TUV/index.html

A ceremony will be held this Friday December 1st at 15:30 hrs Amsterdam time.  Let me know if you want contact details for his family.

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