AW: OS 10.22 32066 windows 10 oBrowser

Stefan Csomor csomor at
Sat Nov 25 11:48:29 UTC 2023

Hi Mike 

Following Kelly’s precise analysis: in case you don’t have the link for downloading the runtimes <> 

picking the combined 2015-22 one for the architecture you use with Omnis Studio should help 



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Hi Mike,

I see one added oBrowser xcomp dependency when comparing 10.22 32066 with earlier installations, and that's


That's in addition to a continuing dependency on


So maybe a fresh install of Windows Runtime components would help. That said, I didn't get any errors here on a fairly vanilla Windows 10 installation. But I do have Visual Studio 2019 installed, so that might have updated my Windows Runtime parts beyond the average install.

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