OS 10.22 32066 windows 10 oBrowser

Mike Motter jmmotter at mac.com
Fri Nov 24 21:27:53 UTC 2023

Hi $all,

I’m in the process of upgrading our runtime from 10.22 31896 to 10.22 32066 so our Macs can run on MacOS Sonoma. On a few computers running
Window 10 oBrowser fails to load. 

I installed a developer version on one of the window 10 computers and it show an error in the Trace log

“ External Library File ‘C:\Program Files\Onmis Software\ OS 10.22 32066\xcomp\obrowser.dll failed to load. OS Error: The specific module count not be found.”

Are there any  other dependencies that oBrower require?

When I look in the mirror External components  Library  it isn’t not in the list?

Any Ideas??

Mike Motter
K-Optical/Kirman Eye
jmmotter at mac.com

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