JSON export by notation?

Mike Matthews - Omnis omnis at lineal.co.uk
Fri Nov 24 09:29:29 UTC 2023

This works just fine.

Do $root.$exportjson(rLib, cOutPath, lErrorList, lWarningList) Returns lvFlagOk

And from the v11 docs, v10 not here anymore I think:

$root.$exportjson(rLib, cOutPath [,&lErrList, &lWarningList])
exports a JSON tree for the library and returns kTrue for success, or kFalse for failure. Parameters:

rLib is an item reference to the library to export.

cOutPath is the pathname of the directory into which $exportjson will generate the JSON for the library, or the pathname of a directory which already contains a previous JSON representation of library, and which $exportjson will update to reflect the current contents of the library.

lErrorList and lWarningList are lists that receive errors and warnings about the export process. $exportjson defines these lists, so there is no need to define or clear the parameters before calling $exportjson.

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Stefan wrote:
The $exportjson method can be used to export a library to a JSON tree.

Does anyone know where to find that via the notation inspector?  I don't see it in the $root methods.  I wanted to find it in Studio 11 so I'd know where to look to see if Studio 10 includes the same methods...

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