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Hello Kelly,

So the reason for jumping the values is this:

The new build of v10.22 32066, uses one of those numbers.  You have to convert your library to run this build, and it appears you can’t go back.  So a bit like from v8 to v10, and it meant you had a new code.

The new build of v11 35659 has the new library format, so it had a new code as well.

So if you develop using v10, and need the new security property, and OSX Sonoma compatibility, you have to convert all of your users to the same v10.22 build 32066, or convert the libraries before use for those users.  Otherwise develop two sets of libraries of course.


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I hadn't seen it mentioned before, but the latest Studio 11 35659 release converts libraries from the prior Studio 11 release.  It takes an odd jump, too... I've adjusted my Applescript as follows:

                       if byteOne = 57 then -- 0x39
                               set dialogMsg to file_ & " is a Studio 11.0.x library."
                       end if
->                      if byteOne = 60 then -- 0x3C
->                              set dialogMsg to file_ & " is a later Studio 11.0.x library."
->                      end if

As you see, they've skipped 58 and 59.  After a long, long history of just incrementing by 1, this time they added 3.

The What's New PDF explains:

"Class Locking and Library Conversion
In order to enhance the integrity and security of deployed Omnis Studio libraries, the mechanism used to lock classes in a private library has changed in Omnis Studio Revision 35659."


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