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You have to tell the database how the ‘other’ tables are connected to the main (or any other tables) by adding to a ‘where’ clause

Currently you are not telling it any type of ‘where’ (you are literally just saying get the entire main table and it simply does not know how to deal with the extra table data which is why you get a failure)

An example here would be ‘WHERE tableB.primarykeyname = tableA.foreignkeyname’ - that would be enough to tell it how to pull in data from tableB when you are primarily looking up entries in tableA

You could try this as a good reading start : https://www.postgresqltutorial.com/postgresql-tutorial/postgresql-where/

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On Nov 20, 2023, 8:35 AM -0500, Mike Rowan <mgrowan at fastmail.com>, wrote:
> I am sorry to bother the list again with something that's probably simple, but I'm stuck.
> I have a PG table of data. I have an Omnis schema and table class for it. I want to load the data into a list, so I do this:
> Do iList.$definefromsqlclass('tauthors')
> Do iList.$select() Returns #F
> Do iList.$fetch(kfFetchAll)
> That works.
> Now I also have a query class, simplest possible. Every column from the sauthors Omnis schema only. No extra text.
> If I change the above pseudocode slightly, to use the query, as in:
> Do iList.$definefromsqlclass('qauthors')
> Do iList.$select() Returns #F
> Do iList.$fetch(kFetchAll)
> it fails with #F = 0 though the column names are correctly shown in the list. I don't understand why. Any hint would be welcome. As would a pointer to any more descriptive documentation than I've been able to find in the official online docs.
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