Query class question

Mike Rowan mgrowan at fastmail.com
Mon Nov 20 13:35:01 UTC 2023

I am sorry to bother the list again with something that's probably simple, but I'm stuck.

I have a PG table of data. I have an Omnis schema and table class for it. I want to load the data into a list, so I do this:
Do iList.$definefromsqlclass('tauthors')
Do iList.$select() Returns #F
Do iList.$fetch(kfFetchAll)

That works.
Now I also have a query class, simplest possible. Every column from the sauthors Omnis schema only. No extra text.
If I change the above pseudocode slightly, to use the query, as in:
Do iList.$definefromsqlclass('qauthors')
Do iList.$select() Returns #F
Do iList.$fetch(kFetchAll)
it fails with #F = 0 though the column names are correctly shown in the list.  I don't understand why. Any hint would be welcome. As would a pointer to any more descriptive documentation than I've been able to find in the official online docs. 

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