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Hi Max,

I would be very interested in seeing how one sends mail using the office cloud without user interaction.

Sent Andrew some of the code I use (VBScript) to send mails and attachments from Omnis to Outlook, also to add one or more attachments to an open draft email, but I do wonder how you have solved point (1) below.


Rudolf Bargholz

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Hello Andrew,
In our app we do two different things with outlook.

  1.  Open the outlook application with a preformatted email with to, subject, attachments and body generated and leave it up to the user to modify and send the email themselves.
  2.  Automatically send an email through our office 365 cloud email without any user interaction outside of the omnis application.

Which of those two (if either) are you interested in?
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Does anyone have an example of sending emails through Outlook from Omnis 10.2 that they would care to share

I use Automation with Word so I'm familiar with the automation concept, just can't get it working properly

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