oBrowser field $data

Michael Mantkowski michaelj at clientrax.com
Wed Nov 15 12:36:46 UTC 2023

Hi Mike,

Does this help you?  I have this in my $event method and I believe the part
about calculating "ivResponseText" is for doing what you're looking for.  I
wrote this several years back and just did not have time this morning to go
over it to be sure what is going on.  But I know that I have needed to look
at what is in the page I am looking at to decide on next actions.  So, this
might be it.

Sorry if I am wasting your time and this misses the mark.


On evBrowserLoadStateChange
If not(['pLoading'])
If ivColorIntensity=1     ;; Use Lighter Icons
Calculate $cinst.$objs.Back.$enabled as
Calculate $cinst.$objs.Forward.$enabled as
End If
Calculate $cinst.$objs.Back.$enabled as $cinst.$objs.OBrowser.$cangoback
Calculate $cinst.$objs.Forward.$enabled as
Calculate ivURLCurrent as $cinst.$objs.OBrowser.$currenturl
Calculate ivURLDisplayed as ivURLCurrent
Redraw {ivURLDisplayed}
If pos('?code=',ivURLCurrent)
Calculate ivResponseCode as '200 OK'
Calculate ivResponseText as ivURLCurrent
Queue cancel
End If
End If
If pos('///',pURL)=0
Calculate $cinst.$objs.OBrowser.$left as 0
End If
If pos('/ui/done',$cinst.$objs.OBrowser.$currenturl)>0
;  Clicked the Idexx Order Button - v3 Integration - Close Browser Window
Queue cancel
End If
If pos('navigationComplete.jsf',$cinst.$objs.OBrowser.$currenturl)>0
;  # # Clicked the Idexx Close Button - Close Browser Window
Queue cancel
End If
Calculate ivResponseText as $cinst.$objs.OBrowser.$currenturl
End If

On evBrowserOpenUrl
Do $cinst.$objs.OBrowser.$urlorcontrolname.$assign(pURL)

Michael Mantkowski
ClienTrax Software

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Hello Kelly,

I have thought about this, but the sticking point is I only want to do an
action if the page has certain info.  So a double fetch is not really the
answer, but a last resort.


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Hi Mike,

This isn't getting it directly from the oBrowser, but if what you want is
worth another fetch....

       HTTPPage ($cinst.$objs.xBrowser.$urlorcontrolname) Returns htmlText
## get the page
       Calculate htmlText as mid(htmlText,pos(chr(13,10,13,10),htmlText)+4)
## strip the headers

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