Omnis 6.1.3 on Linux unable to save pdf

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Hello Andy,

Do you have an actual printer selected as a printer, even though you will never use a printer?  Just try choosing any printer.

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Hi folks

Scratching my head with a daft issue - running Omnis 6.1.3 under Linux (last desktop version which will do so) and I have an instance where one user is not able to print reports as pdf’s - they get saved as a zero length ‘.txt’ file instead - but other users on the same machine work fine saving pdf’s (using the Omnis python reportlab option as no Brainy component for this version on Linux)

Clearly I have done something (or more likely forgotten to do something) when copying the Omnis folder from user to user but cannot either remember what or work out what ! Does this ring any bells with anyone else who uses Linux Omnis ??

Andy Hilton
Totally Brilliant Software Inc
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Phone (UK) : 0207 193 8582

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