Store Credentials Problem

Das Goravani goravanis at
Wed Nov 1 14:22:51 UTC 2023

Dear Phil and Michael and the list,

I run the below command in terminal and get back an error. 

Error: HTTP status code: 401. Invalid credentials. Username or password is incorrect. Use the app-specific password generated at Ensure that all authentication arguments are correct.

Here is my command:

xcrun notarytool store-credentials "Notarization" --apple-id “dasgoravani at" --team-id “K6ZH6F8RU" --password “zndp-ednt-djek-nzml”

I think I have everything right. 

Question:  Where I have "Notarization"…  if I understand correctly that is anything we want to name our keychain entry right?

It will create that keychain entry using the name we put here, right?

Do we need to create that keychain entry first? I have not. 

What is wrong with my command.

That email address is the one attached to my Apple ID.
That is my Team ID
That is a new app specific password that I just generated today. 

What is wrong?

Any help appreciated,

Das Goravani

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