Announcing Euromnis 2023, Oct 22 to 26th 2023 in Arnhem, Netherlands

Doug Easterbrook doug at
Thu Mar 30 17:45:09 UTC 2023

Finally, the time has come!  Announcing the 20th Euromnis Conference

It will be held in Arnhem, Netherlands from Oct 22nd to 26th at the Hotel Klein Zwitzerland, place familiar to many.

Covid caused a 3 year hiatus.  We believe that Omnis Developers getting together, face to face, is invaluable for learning, discussing and implementing all things Studio.  There will be many hands on sessions such as:

- Exploiting Postgres within omnis
- Making the most out of table classes
- Dev Op, continuous integration and deployment
- Git and omnis
- Post deployment bug discovery and reporting via Sentry
- Automated testing and improving code reliability
- The worker design pattern and why its a useful tool within omnis
- Accessing Python from Omnis as a glue to functionality in hundreds of open source modules
- Javascript components
- New UI components that appeared starting with Studio 10
- and more

We’ve organized 5 simultaneous tracks, over 40 sessions, real code, real examples, quick fire topics and a keynote from Omnis Software.

Early registration is 1350 € for all sessions, single room and all meals from Sunday night to Friday morning. 

Key web links:

- registration:
- conference web site:

In the coming weeks, look forward to spotlights on speakers and/or topics.

Hope to see you there, any questions please ask.

Rob Mostyn/Mike Matthews/Gavin Foster/Doug Easterbrook

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Arts Management Systems Ltd.
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