Integrating apps with messengers thru API

Stephen Miller stephenmiller1958 at
Sun Mar 26 23:58:48 UTC 2023

Hi All

Have just about decided that I am going back to a Nokia Flip phone - and by
that I don't mean the expensive dual screen one but the updated old
flip phone we all loved. It is about the same size as the original and has
15 to 21 days standby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On top of that you can just keep it
in your pocket and forget about it. (I hate phones).  You can still use
this phone as a USB internet emergency tether and it supports dual sim
cards. It is about 120 pacific pesos,

The problem - I would like to integrate it with my desktop Windows 10
google environment so that I can use the calendar and alarms. In this case
just a simple sms service would be sufficient.

Got me thinking I am sure someone has done large scale integrations for
corporates - courier companies etc - I would love to here how you did it.

In my case initial research indicates a Samsung hidden API which
doesn't help me  but Google does have the ability to add SMS to Alarms and
Calendar entries so I will start with a simple integration first.

Still love to hear what has been achieved.

Kind Regards,

Stephen Miller


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