JS Form File

Kelly Burgess kellyb at montana.com
Sat Mar 25 06:39:34 UTC 2023

Hi Das,

> I have this line of code that it is stopping on saying "Notation not supported"
> Do $cinst.$objs.jsFormFile.$action.$assign(kJSFileActionDownload)
> < . . . >
> I made my $pdfcomplete method have only one line, it calls that method back in the form

Since you said the code worked before you started calling it from $pdfcomplete, I think the problem is that $pdfcomplete gets called asynchronously, so it's not really in any scope.  When you call from there into your form method, $cinst likely doesn't resolve to the form.  Try to fiddle that line to be

  Do $iremoteforms.yourFormName.$objs.jsFormFile.$action.$assign(kJSFileActionDownload)

and see if that notation resolves better than with $cinst.


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