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If its of any help, in my python browser forms I just recently went through a localisation change for things like dates - using the default 'locale' settings - and I would imagine the Omnis jsforms would utilise something similar, although not sure where oir how you would set that - most likely where you would set it for regular Omnis app use I would think ??

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On Mar 24, 2023 at 10:03 AM -0400, Franco Maregotto <franco at hotelaqua.it>, wrote:
> Ciao
> I’ve successfully set the right language in my remote forms (remoteTask) so that dates show up in my loved Italian language (!).
> So my iDate is perfectly shown as "Venerdì, 28 Marzo 2023" while the jsDatePicker component in the same form is shown in English..
> I love English, but my users would prefer Italian.
> How to set it? Read the documentation but it’s a bit confusing and with no examples.
> As ever, thanks for any suggestion.
> Franco
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