JS Form File Weirdness

Das Goravani goravanis at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 18:43:34 UTC 2023

I am doing Upload and Download on a Remote Form using the JS Form File object. 

The object is located on my paged pane on a certain pane. 

From another pane, I am attempting download and it is stopping on this line of code and saying Notation Not Supported. 

Here is the line it is stopping on:

Do $cinst.$objs.PagedPane.$objs.JSFormFile.$action.$assign(kJSFileActionDownload) Returns #F

This is one big remote form. It has a paged pane. JS Form File is located on a particular pane.

From a class method in that remote form I am issuing the above line of code. There are many lines prior to that that get the download ready. 

The funny thing is that this worked on previous days. Just today it is objecting. 

Any ideas?



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