JS complex grid fields

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Hello Philip,

I wonder why these settings are not in the default set?  I’ll pass this comment back to UK team.

Mike Matthews

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Hi Das, Franco,

Note that not all field types have the " defaultdisabledappearance" option, for example neither "check boxes" nor "radio buttons" have that property.
Also note that making the change via the CSS make the change apply to all field types including disabled buttons.
So, there are pros and cons of both methods.

Kind regards
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There is a property for fields something like


Set that to false and the fields will remain black instead of graying out

On Mar 22, 2023, at 6:50 AM, Franco Maregotto <franco at hotelaqua.it<mailto:franco at hotelaqua.it>> wrote:

Hi $all
In a complex grid placed in a remote form I don’t want the end user being able to modify data in some edit controls within the list. Thus the cursor should not be allowed when the user taps the field/row.
If I set the edit control as $enabled.$assign(false) it is displayed in a light gray color, nice but unwanted.
Any way to make it black as it were enabled, in the same way of the FAT/Runtime complex grids I have all over?

Thanks in advance

PS: Hope to meet you all in EO
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