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Thanks Kelly! :)

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Hi Mike,

Apparently the format of the OW3.$gethardwareid() I am using is not good enough ..

Submit a UUID which is 128 bits or 32 hex characters long

# Gov-Client-Device-ID: beec798b-b366-47fa-b1f8-92cede14a1ce

# Omnis version : 69CW-EQK5-B92I-YYY5-69CD-7MK5-BY2Q-7XKZ

So how do you convert the OW3 result into either a 128 bits or 32 hex characters long string?

This will give you a 32-character hex string based on the machine ID.

       Calculate uuid as OXML.$md5hexdigest(OW3.$gethardwareid())

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