Call methods to closed window

Kelly Burgess kellyb at
Wed Mar 22 10:43:18 UTC 2023

Hi Kim,

>Can you calculate a character from an item reference so you can then calculate the iwindow name.
>iCallBack = Reference to $root.$iwindows.wExam_633

Try storing iCallback.$fullname.

	Calculate hostWindow as pWindow.$fullname

Then instead of

	Do iCallBack.$setAttachments() Returns #F

you could make the call using the notation string

	Do [hostWindow].$setAttachments() Returns #F

But that might result in the same problem if the window instance is missing...

One way to avoid the error might be to test before calling

	If iCallBack.$setAttachments.$cando()
		Do iCallBack.$setAttachments() Returns #F
	End if


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