JS Complex grid fields

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Hi Franco,

Assuming you are using Studio 10.2 or later, you need to modify the .CSS files in the themes folder of the webserver.
If you are using the default theme, then it is the default.css that needs to be changed.
Then entry in the CSS that needs to be changed is the "disabled-color-text" changing the entry to 0,0,0 makes the text black.

If you are testing the form in the Omnis IDE, then you will also need to make the same change within the themes folder of the IDE, but this time also changing the .json file, and the entry in there is "disabledText".

CSS file entry
disabled-color-text: 0,0,0;
Json file entry
"disabledText": "0,0,0"

My recommendation is to leave the existing .CSS & JSON files as is and create a new theme for you application with the required entries, that way if/when you upgrade the Studio version, your changes are easy to pickup and move to a new version.
Kind regards

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Hi $all
In a complex grid placed in a remote form I don’t want the end user being able to modify data in some edit controls within the list. Thus the cursor should not be allowed when the user taps the field/row.
If I set the edit control as $enabled.$assign(false) it is displayed in a light gray color, nice but unwanted.
Any way to make it black as it were enabled, in the same way of the FAT/Runtime complex grids I have all over?

Thanks in advance

PS: Hope to meet you all in EO

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