$select in table

Daniel Sananes daniel.s at kopparbergs.se
Sat Mar 18 18:52:11 UTC 2023

Hi all
I am having problems understanding the $select.
As I am using tables now I would like to override the table $select.
I am constructing an order-window now and want to let user enter a part of a clients name to find the client.
Begin text block
Text: where client_name LIKE [clientname]
End text block
Get text block lQuery
Do iclientrow.$select(lquery)

The only thing that works is if I explicitly send "where client_id=1".

Are there a kind soul out there who could give me an example how an overridden $select would look?
As I don't know how the inbuilt $select looks I feel lost somehow.

I guess there are joins and other useful stuff you could have in a $select-method

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