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Hello Das,

Ok, so patience was needed :)

What was the original value?  What value did you end up using?  How fast/slow is your internet access?


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On 17 Mar 2023, at 18:15, Das Goravani <goravanis at<mailto:goravanis at>> wrote:

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I just looked it up and .crdownload means the download is in progress.

But they never finish.

Maybe it refers to the original file creation not being complete.

I want to use $pdfcomplete to make sure of this but it’s not working in my pdf printing object class

So I went with a repeat loop that has sleep(500) in it, and a max of 10 iterations, testing if file is complete

I am using $settemp to create the file, so I don’t know if that works with "test if file exists"

Meaning I don’t know if those as files appear already created even though they are still being filled up with PDF

The PDF I’m testing with shouldn’t take long to compose

On Mar 17, 2023, at 1:59 PM, Das Goravani <goravanis at<mailto:goravanis at>> wrote:

I am using JSFile, the Forms object, to download files.

I am using it exactly the way they do it in the demo.

I am on Windows 10, Omnis Studio 10.22

I am getting a file in my downloads folder each time I do it, but the files are named like:

Unconfirmed 48645.crdownload
Unconfirmed 29538.crdownload

What does this mean? How can I fix it?

Does it have to do with: In the field JSMediaType I am putting 'application/PDF'

Is that a Mac thing I’m trying to do on Windows?

What is the windows way of saying the Media is a PDF?

Can you think of any other reasons I might be getting these strange files in my downloads folder?

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