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Why do I have to have that code in a table?
A; You don't. Do it the way you feel comfortable logically would be my

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On Wed, 15 Mar 2023 at 03:25, Daniel Sananes <daniel.s at>

> Good afternoon, or what it might be somewhere else,
> Pardon my ignorance but I find this table-thing interfering with my
> logical thinking.
> I am really starting to wonder what the difference is using the
> table-approach or just have the same code somewhere else, maybe in a
> code-class.
> The Table is the list, somehow and sort of, but I could as well just call
> a method in a code-class and send the list in there.
> The $defienfromsqlclass seems to me just be the same as
> $schemas.SCHEMA.$makelist.$objs(ref.$name) returns LIST.
> Or is there something else in this I do not understand. Apart from that
> the command invokes a table.
> If I have an order-window and are to create an order I will:
>   1.  Press a button called New order
>   2.  I will find a client that the order belongs to
>   3.  I will find articles that belongs to the order. These will be
> orderrows.
>   4.  When finished the setup, I will press create the order.
> Am I supposed to have 3 tables working at the same time?
> The order has to be saved/inserted into the database with a new primary
> key and the foreign key for the clients primary key has to be calculated.
> Then the orderrows has to be saved with the FK from the orders PK. And new
> PK's has to be calculated for the orderrows/records.
> How would the setup be with the table-approach?
> I don't get it.
> Do I do 2 $inserts using 2 tables, one after the other? One for order and
> one for orderrows.
> If $cinst.$servertablenames is a query there will be several schemas to
> handle.
> I would say the schema is like the Omnis7 file format.
> $cinst.$servertablenames can contain several schemas (from query). How
> would a table handle $insert or $update when there are several schemas?
> I would process each schema, building my own lists with $makelist, one
> after the other, with correct SQL. Why do I have to have that code in a
> table?
> /Daniel
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