Printing an existing PDF saved to database Omnis 10

Max Hattenback maxh at
Mon Mar 13 16:35:30 UTC 2023

Hello Phil,
This is for PC. Here is the code i'm using to fetch the PDF Bin from the database and then open it in adobe.

Do PackingSlipDocList.$GetAllRecords(con('WHERE invoice_number = ',iHeaderRow.INVOICE_NUMBER,'AND document_type_id = 9'))

Calculate Path as $ctask.tGlobals.$getTempDocPath

Calculate Path as con(Path,sys(9),PackingSlipList.DOCUMENT_NAME,'.pdf')

Do FileOpsObject.$CreateFile(Path) Returns %%err

Do FileOpsObject.$writefile(PackingSlipDocList.SAVED_DOCUMENT) Returns %%err

Do FileOpsObject.$openfile(Path)

Do FileOpsObject.$closefile()

Do FileHandlerObject.$OpenFileWithDefaultApp(Path)

Inside $OpenFileWithDefaultApp()

If sys(6)='M'|sys(6)='X'

Calculate #F as $runapplescript(con('tell application "Finder" to open "',pPath,'"'))


If isunicode()

Register DLL ('Shell32.dll','ShellExecuteW','IJCCCCJ')

Call DLL ('Shell32.dll','ShellExecuteW',0,'Open',pPath,chr(0),chr(0),1)


Register DLL ("shell32.dll","ShellExecuteA","JJCCCCJ") Returns %%err

Call DLL ("shell32.dll","ShellExecuteA",0,"open",pPath," "," ",1) Returns %%err

End If

End If

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Hi Max,

You don't say Mac or PC, but probably doesn't matter...

When you would normally open the pdf... do you issue some 'open' command?
Can you just change it to a 'print' command?

Phil Potter
Based in Chester in the UK.

On 13/03/2023 16:08, Max Hattenback wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> We upload PDFs into our postgres database as binaries, I am able to within Omnis load the data from the PDF, write a file to the local machine and then open the PDF in the default application for PDFs. However, there are scenarios where I would rather send the PDF directly to a printer, so the user doesn't have to make an extra input to print from adobe, is this possible?
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