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At the database level every action is associated with a SPID. (Don't know
the correct term in Postgres)

Every instance of a user logging on is associated with a SPID. (If Postgres
is like Oracle when the connections is interrupted and reset the recovered
instance gets the same SPID (This is NOT the case in SQLServer)

Therefore when a user logs on you can record the SPID associated with that
connection instance.

If you then combine this with an after change trigger you can record who
made the change and when and on what computer etc. You can then add this to
a table that records Name value pairs of what field was changed by whom and

The 'Changes table' is basically an insert only table with minimum indexed
fields. Once a month or so this can be pushed out to a log text file and
any changes more than 30 days old removed from the table.

It all depends on the type of database - if you have a high transaction
database this approach may not be suitable but most databases aren't really
so this approach may help.

Low transaction tables  or  tables that should be set and forgotten , for
example,  postcodes (zip) codes should be monitored by default in any type
of database as there is no end of damage someone can do to data changing
the lookup table codes.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,

Stephen Miller


On Wed, 8 Mar 2023 at 05:21, Martin Obongita via omnisdev-en <
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> Hi All,
> This is a Postgresql question.
> Could anyone please give a hint on how I could create a table to track:
> 1. Changes to fields
> 2. Approve changes to fields
> 3. List of approvers and their level of approval
> 4. Status of changes (Open, Pending, Approved, Rejected)
> In Studio 10.2 I would like to incorporate alerts and notifications of the
> workflows.
> My biggest challenge is how to reference the approval requests and the
> records.
> As always, your helps are appreciated very much.
> Martin Obongita.
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