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Interesting.  Does Acrobat Pro help with maybe a scripting dictionary?

Some good prices on TVs right now, clearing out Christmas stock :)

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Hi All

My challenge for this Saturday night is the following...

I have a whole lot, 100's, of pdfs that all use Times New Roman.

It appears that the pdf standard does store a ASCII value for the letter
"A" or a string using the same font and size like "ABC" it stores a pointer
to the specific Winansi Font Table position for this character.

Now I know why Adobe only lets you replace one at a time, no replace all,
as it depends on the font.

Now in my case they are all Times New Roman so that hopefully, as I know
the size and style of the Font from looking in edit mode in Acrobat Pro, I
should be able to use a Hex Editor such as Neo to do a global find and

For those that have some idea what I am talking about I think the wikipedia
page on "Windows-1252", and the table of that page is useful correct?

Please note all the documents are the same, bank statements, but there are
hundreds of them and I want to obfuscate the identity data of the account
holder and all accounts this person has transactions with?

Possible or should I take up drinking again and buy a televison?

Kind Regards,

Stephen Miller

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