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Daniel Sananes daniel.s at
Fri Mar 10 13:59:47 UTC 2023


I found this about $excludefrominsert when investigating how to make postgres autoincrement my primary key user_id.
I cannot get that to work. Does it only work if you use the built-in $insert()?

In my overridden table $insert I have this instead:
   Calculate lInsertString as $cinst.$insertnames()
   Calculate lString as con('@[$cinst.',iPKname,']')
   Calculate lInsertString as replace(lInsertString,lString,'DEFAULT')
It replaces the primary key value with DEFAULT. This excludes it and makes postgres assign a new number.
So the string will be:
("user_id","user_name","user_password","user_short") VALUES (DEFAULT,@[$cinst.user_name],@[$cinst.user_password])
Instead of:
("user_id","user_name","user_password","user_short") VALUES (@[$cinst.user_id],@[$cinst.user_name],@[$cinst.user_password])


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Hi Das,

Of course, it works.
Check your code to ensure is OK. I’m excluding from insert and from update my primaries keys in the table superclass and is working always.

Do $cinst.$cols.$sendall($ref.$excludefrominsert.$assign(kTrue);pos('_PK';$ref.$name)>0)
Do $cinst.$cols.$sendall($ref.$excludefromupdate.$assign(kTrue);pos('_PK';$ref.$name)>0)

> El 26 jul 2022, a las 20:51, Das Goravani <goravanis at> escribió:
> Does anyone know for sure whether or not
> $excludefrominsert
> Definitely works on the $dowork and $doinserts() commands?
> I once did the two together and got a duplicate unique value exception when I tried to do the dowork command.
> Postgres was choking on the fact that the PK column WAS being included though I issued the exclude from command.
> That’s how I remember it, it was awhile ago, so I thought I’d ask the opinion of others.
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